Monday, September 27, 2010

Silt family protests drilling by Antero

"The Strudley family of Silt Mesa is not happy about the way things are turning out in their neighborhood, whey they say they were told they'd never have to worry about gas drilling.

Smack between their property and the rising Grand Hogback hills to the north is a relatively new gas pad where a well has been drilled, frac'ed [hydraulically fractured] and appears ready for completion, said Beth Strudley.

On the road in front of their home, tanker trucks now regularly rumble up and down a steep incline, rolling either to or from the drilling pad, which is operated by Antero Resources.

The family has installed an expensive new cistern and is planning to begin hauling water for household use rather than trust to their 475-foot deep water well, which they now believe is threatened with contamination from the drilling activities.

And, to give voice to all their frustration and anxiety, they have begun displaying signs in their front yard that give vent to their feelings and let the world know where they stand.

They started creating and erecting the signs “when we saw the bulldozers clearing an area for the drilling,” said Beth Strudley on Sept. 22.

Beth Strudley, who grew up in Aspen and Carbondale, then moved oversees for a decade or so, returned to the area around the year 2000 and has lived on Silt Mesa for about four years.

“The whole thing I'm concerned about is, how they treat people,” she said, referring to gas drilling companies and their conflicts with area residents.

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