Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Online Petition ( Oil and gas exploration and development permitting moratorium ( has a donation button and is only an option and those donations do not go to Drilling Santa Fe).
For printing hard copies (pdf).

The County Attorney unveiled the draft oil and gas ordinance (click here). For some of the petition demands it falls short, such as the absolute protection of the aquifer. The draft proposes to weaken, not strengthen some the protections provided by the existing mining ordinance. Updated (Click here) for key protections lost under the draft oil & gas ordinance.

The Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a three month drilling permit moratorium. Let us use the next three months to strengthen the draft oil & gas ordinance and to continue the petition drive. Also, demand an extension be granted for written comments beyond the December 21st deadline.

Click here for Santa Fe County Mining Ordinance overview flyer and click here for the Santa Fe County Land Development Code, which contains the mining ordinance (Article 3, Section 5, pages 64 - 102: Note that the page numbers given in the Table of Contents are off by several pages).

For an excellent educational website, go to the Oil & Gas Accountability Project (OGAP).

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Peaceful March

Tony Bonanno Photography (Tony has given permission for free downloading and use of the pictures): photographs of the December 8th march.

On January 11th, a twilight march to begin at 5:30pm from the park by the U.S. Courthouse at Washington & Federal Place, then proceed to the plaza. Dr. Held has obtained a permit and suggested bringing torches, flashlights and candles.

Jerry Held, MD, who is concerned about the long term health effects upon our Santa Fe County citizens from the possibility of oil & gas activity in the County, is organizing a peaceful march on December 8th, to begin at 10:00 am from the park by U.S. Courthouse at Washington & Federal Place, then proceed to the plaza. Dr. Held has obtained a permit.
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