Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Environment Department to Discuss Galisteo Watershed Water Quality Standards

The New Mexico Environment Department (Surface Water Quality Bureau) will hold a public meeting about water quality standards for streams in the Galisteo Watershed. The meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, October 7 at the Hondo Fire Station 2, located south of the intersection of NM Hwy 285 and Old Las Vegas Highway.

As required by the Clean Water Act, the state has developed water quality standards for its surface waters. The standards group surface waters into hydrologically similar segments. Segments are assigned designated uses, including an aquatic life use, and associated criteria to protect the uses.

Galisteo Creek and its perennial tributaries are currently assigned the high quality coldwater aquatic life use. Data collected by the Department on the mainstem Galisteo Creek do not meet the criteria for this use. However, both local residents and the Department have expressed concerns that high quality coldwater may not be an appropriate use.

The Department is investigating what aquatic life uses are appropriate for Galisteo Creek and its tributaries. The purpose of the meeting is to present this investigation and invite public input.

For more information contact Deby Sarabia at or visit the Surface Water Quality Bureau standards website,"

Deborah Sarabia

NM Environment Department

Surface Water Quality Bureau

Standards, Planning and Reporting


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