Friday, September 17, 2010

Chemical Contamination of Dimock Water

September 17, 2010

"There's more than gas in Dimock's drinking water.

An environmental engineer tested the water in the Susquehanna County community, and says almost every sample contained toxic chemicals.

Three laboratories verified the results.

The tests found industrial solvents like toluene and ethylbenzene.

But the engineer says there's no way to know for sure if the chemicals in the water were caused by gas drilling.

Last year, Dimock landowners sued Cabot Oil & Gas for contaminating their drinking water with methane gas and other pollutants.

Pennsylvania's Department of Environmental Protection determined Cabot's drilling wells had defective casings that allowed gas to leak into groundwater.

The DEP fined Cabot and ordered it to clean up the pollution, as well as find a solution to restore clean drinking water to homeowners.

Thursday, Pennsylvania's top environmental regulator said the only real solution would be to connect those homes to the public water supply in Montrose. It would cost $10 million." Link>>>>

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