Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Obama Drilling Moratorium Overturned: Who is Judge Martin Feldman?

From Politics Daily

"A graduate of Tulane Law School, class of 1957, Feldman was nominated by President Ronald Reagan in 1983. He has served on the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana since that time. On May 19, Feldman was appointed to a seven-year term on the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which overseas government wiretapping and surveillance requests. " More>>>>

The most recent Judge Feldman financial disclosure report from 2008, click here>>>>. The "Investments and Trusts" section is becoming of interest, such as to Mother Jones>>>>. "...District Court Judge Martin Feldman, he had holdings of up to $15,000 in Transocean in 2008. He has also recently owned stock in offshore drilling or oilfield service providers Halliburton, Prospect Energy, Hercules Offshore, Parker Drilling Co., and ATP Oil & Gas." -- Mother Jones>>>>

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  1. Federal Judge Martin Feldman has SERIOUS conflict of interest!
    The federal judge who overturned the Obama administration's initial six-month moratorium on deepwater oil drilling has refused to disqualify himself from the case, when he has made personal investments in off shore drilling including BP. Judge Martin Feldman must not be allowed to rule on a case that interferes with his personal investments in Off Shore Drilling, Oil and Gas. He is not above the law. As a juror I have been told that I cannot participate in a case when I have a conflict of interest or bias that relates to the case. Feldman's excuse was that he forgot he owned stock in off shore drilling when he took the case, but he still refuses to withdraw himself from the case.
    Martin Feldman conflict of interest is a Federal Violoation of Judicial Code of Conduct. As a judge defending his investments is in violation with federal law. We need a federal judge that does not have personal investments in off shore drilling. In addition to the violation, he has now refused to withdraw from the case, demonstrating his conflict of interest which is a Federal Crime. Please sign the petition to request a judge that does not have "conflict of interest" on the issue he is to judge~ A very reasonable request~ Thank you!