Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Daily Show -- Josh Fox Director, "Gasland"

The Daily Show
Comedy Central

June 21, 2010
Guest, Josh Fox, Director, "Gasland"

"The writer and filmmaker discusses his latest documentary about the environmental and social impact of the largest natural gas drilling boom in history."


  1. Do you know when this is scheduled here in Santa Fe?

  2. No, but it is on HBO today @1:00 pm MT. Dish TV is having a HBO free preview for some of the channels.

  3. I've just got gas lands DVD and worked through stunned depression to find this about red mud remediation. Can it help remediate the soils poisoned in the fracking process? This red mud is a toxic tide if just stored and let loose haphazardly as in Hungary but an environmental miracle if applied to heavily contaminated soils. Don't let the criminals get away with poisoning America