Friday, October 30, 2009

Secretary Prukop Plans for State Park Closures, Reduce Services Due to Budget Cuts

See newsflash at Common Ground United>>>> for complete news release.


'“A 7.6 percent budget decrease on top of the 5 percent decrease the Legislature already imposed on our department forces a reduction in services across the board for all divisions,” stated Secretary Prukop. “The cuts will have a dramatic impact on this agency’s ability to serve the citizens of New Mexico and to ensure the protection of the environment.”'...

..."The Oil Conservation Division currently has 11 vacancies, out of 68 total positions statewide and may have to furlough employees one day each pay period. Among other impacts, this will cause a 66 percent reduction in the number of field inspections at oil and gas facilities, which places the environment and groundwater at risk."....

..."Oil Conservation

11 job vacancies

All employees furloughed one day per pay period

Delays in processing all new applications to drill for oil and gas

Forced well shut-ins until paperwork is processed

Reduced operator assistance for research or reporting issues

66 percent reduction in routine field inspections, placing environment and groundwater at risk

Reduced inspections for Water Quality Control Discharge permitted facilities

Potential loss of federal grant that protects underground drinking water due to lack of matching funds."...More>>>>

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