Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KSFR: Film "Split Estate" by Santa Fean hits the tube (Podcast)

Santa Fe (KSFR)

"It's been just about two years since the spectre of oil and gas drilling in the Galisteo Basin area of Santa Fe County galvanized residents into action. In the end, they wound up with a strict new development code designed to regulate oil and gas drilling along with other types of development. And the exploration company that had wanted to drill decided to abandon its claims.

Partially as an outgrowth of that furor, a Santa Fe filmmaker got the idea to make a new film about the question Santa Feans didn't understand at the time, but now are all too familiar with. It's the split estate - the split in ownership in many cases of the surface rights to property and the very probable different ownership of the mineral rights beneath the surface.

In fact, that's the name of Debra Anderson's film which got its premiere a few days ago on the Planet Green cable channel. It will also be shown at the Santa Fe Film Festival. Debra Anderson joins us on the line." Link>>>>

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