Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Santa Fe (Oil and Gas) Opera Pork to be Frozen?

While the New Mexico legislature found it fit to cut budgets disproportionately (7.6% from the Oil Conservation Division), it appears that the Santa Fe Opera will find its pork barrel project frozen:

"One local project on the list that definitely won't be funded is a proposed open-air rehearsal hall for the Santa Fe Opera. In recent years, the Legislature appropriated more than $1.2 million for that project. But in January, when the state began dealing with its budget crunch, a measure that would have authorized a land transfer between the opera and the state failed to pass the Legislature. The House, in a close vote, passed the legislation, but it died in the Senate — and the state still has the money allocated.

"We're not going to build a state-funded rehearsal hall," said opera spokeswoman Joyce Idema on Monday " -- Santa Fe New Mexican.

The $1.2 Million dollar question still remains: How will the Santa Fe Opera deal with its mineral lease for wildcat oil and gas exploration in the Las Vegas Basin of Mora and San Miguel Counties?

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