Friday, September 25, 2009

Who has more say in Mora County? Citizens or Shell?

Some time back, Mora County contracted with sites southwest to work on the Mora County Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP). According to the Drilling Mora County blog, Royal Dutch Shell, a multinational headquartered in The Netherlands, presented (to the Mora County Board of County Commissionoers) an 80 page revision to the CLUP for inclusion as "public comments." Yet, for the citizens of Mora County, "the tape recorder malfunctioned and no recording of the testimony is available either for public record or inclusion in the revised document (CLUP)." This begs the question, will the citizens of Mora County be heard?

Shell also sent a cover letter to Mora County including the following caution, "We would suggest that the better role for the County would be to develop strong relationships with existing state and federal agencies instead of imposing additional unnecessary burdens on the County which, if not implemented, could expose the County to potential liability. The Plan should allow Mora County representatives the flexibility to exercise the appropriate level of involvement in the numerous technical and legal concerns and issues and prioritize their efforts." Letter>>>>

Maybe instead, Mora County should adopt an oil and gas ordinance similar to the Santa Fe County Ordinance? Santa Fe County oil and gas webpage>>>>

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