Monday, September 28, 2009

Shellaberger deeded mineral interests to Santa Fe Opera and College of Santa Fe

"In 2002, the rights were deeded to the Opera and CSF as part of the last will and testament of Rosemarie Shellaberger. SFR has not yet seen a copy of CSF’s portion of the lease."

Who is Rosemarie Shellaberger? One clue would be that the College of Santa Fe has the Rosemarie Shellaberger Tennis Center.

"The Rosemarie Shellaberger Tennis Center is located on the grounds of the College of Santa Fe in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. The center opened in November of 2002 and was awarded the U.S.T.A Outstanding Tennis Facility Award in 2003. With six indoor Rebound Ace™ courts, a stadium court (also Rebound Ace), and seven outdoor courts, the Rosemarie Shellaberger Tennis Center is Santa Fe's premier tennis facility." Tennis Santa Fe

Then, about a month later on December 6, 2002, according to San Miguel County records, Patricia A Baca, Personal Representative of Estate of Rosemarie Shellaberger, through a Mineral Interest Deed of Personal Representative, deeded undivided mineral interests to The Santa Fe Opera Foundation (25%) and to the College of Santa Fe (75%). The deeded mineral interests described in the Exhibit "A" include all of the mineral interests described in the Santa Fe Opera Lease Exhibit "A" signed April 15, 2009 (Link 88MG). However, not all of the Shellaberger mineral interests were leased to the Santa Fe Opera, according to the lease and the deed. The deed was filed in Mora County on December 12, 2002 and in San Miguel County on December 27, 2002. According to the deed, the "mineral interests were reserved by Walter B. Shellaberger and Harry G. Zimmerman, as Trustees."

The College of Santa Fe had become a financially troubled institution. As a consequence, on March 24, 2009, Governor Bill Richardson signed an Executive Order to create a College of Santa Fe Task Force. The order begins, "Governor Bill Richardson today signed an executive order creating the College of Santa Fe Task Force during a visit to the campus. The Task Force will explore all options to save the financially troubled private college and report back to Governor Richardson by April 30, 2009."

The current status of the College of Santa Fe, according to, is that "(t)he private college appeared destined for closure at the end of the spring semester, but the city of Santa Fe and Baltimore-based Laureate Education Inc. reached an agreement that ensured the school's doors would remain open.

The City Council agreed to incur up to $30 million in debt to buy the campus. The city is leasing the property to Laureate Education, which will pay about $2.35 million a year to lease 61 acres and facilities."

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