Monday, September 28, 2009

College of Santa Fe (CSF) Also Involved in Opera Drilling Deal

28 Sep, 2009

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"The College of Santa Fe is set to profit three times as much as the Santa Fe Opera in a recent mineral rights deal in Mora and San Miguel Counties, SFR has learned.

Last week, a document emerged showing that the Santa Fe Opera had signed on to an agreement leasing nearly 27,000 acres worth of mineral rights to the energy exploration company, J Bar Cane. According to the Opera’s General Director Charles MacKay, the Opera holds only 25 percent of the rights, while the College of Santa Fe holds 75 percent.

This is confirmed by a deed filed with the San Miguel County Clerk’s office. In 2002, the rights were deeded to the Opera and CSF as part of the last will and testament of Rosemarie Shellaberger. SFR has not yet seen a copy of CSF’s portion of the lease." More>>>>

Sources have indicated to Drilling Santa Fe that the natural gas "play" or the targeted area extends from the Tucumcari Basin to the Las Vegas Basin, which includes the counties of Quay, Guadalupe, San Migeul, and Mora (see An Overview of the Tucumcari Basin), which could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in gross revenues. However, the wells drilled in previous years in the counties of Mora and San Miguel have only produced "dry holes."

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