Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Opera Shares Mineral Rights

Albuquerque Journal North

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

By Polly Summar
Journal Staff Writer

"The Santa Fe Opera, which signed a lease allowing oil and gas drilling on land in Mora and San Miguel Counties last April, shares the mineral rights to the land with the College of Santa Fe, opera general director Charles MacKay said Monday.

Under the terms of the lease, the opera will get a quarter of royalties on production, while the College of Santa Fe would get three quarters, MacKay said.

Philanthropist Rosemarie Shellaberger — a familiar name in Santa Fe because she funded the Shellaberger Tennis Center at CSF — left the mineral rights to the opera, CSF and the Vandegrift family and trust, MacKay said.

A mineral interest deed filed in San Miguel County in 2002 indicates mineral rights donated by the Shellaberger estate were divided 75-25 between CSF and the opera

A mineral rights lease allowing drilling on 27,000 acres north of Las Vegas, N.M., that became public last week was signed by the opera's McKay.

MacKay, who joined the opera in October 2008, said the opera was approached by Scott Hall, an attorney representing J Bar Cane, a petroleum land management firm based in Stanley.

J Bar Cane is owned by John M. Richardson, who said last week he bought the leases for a client whose name he can't reveal.

David Chase, who in the past headed the board of directors for the private CSF before it closed this summer and was sold to the city of Santa Fe, said he was aware the college had the mineral rights, but he wasn't aware of the mineral rights being leased." More (subscription required)>>>>

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