Friday, October 8, 2010

La Bajada Mesa: "Gateway to Santa Fe"


"La Bajada Mesa & Escarpment--the spectacular scenic, cultural and historic landmark that spans across I-25 from the Cerrillos Hills to the Santa Fe River Basin--remains on the Most Endangered Places list*.

However, there is hope that a portion of it can be rescued from inappropriate development.

Santa Fe County has purchased 470 acres near La Cienega, an area previously known as Santa Fe Canyon Ranch, now La Bajada Ranch. Just how this land (that includes a large house) is to be "used", whether as Open Space or residential housing, a Park or developed as neighborhoods, is being determined. The Board of County Commissioner's decision will be based partly on a County Survey that will conclude this Friday.

La Bajada Mesa is the southern gateway to Santa Fe. There is a growing consensus that this land should be a protected viewscape. THE COMMISSIONERS NEED TO HEAR FROM THE COMMUNITY THAT SUCH A CONSENSUS EXISTS.

If you agree please personalize (if you wish) and paste the following into the on-line survey that asks "What do you feel are the most appropriate ways to use this land?" (Item #1):

This area should be protected as part of the "Gateway to Santa Fe". It is an important part of La Bajada Mesa a spectacular visual and historic landmark at entrance to Santa Fe. As part of the Rio Grande National Heritage Area it should be preserved, protected and used for Park oriented activities. This could include open space, trails, traditional farm/ranch activities, greenhouses, gardens, visitors center, events center, solar energy projects, tours and seminars.

The next page and a half of the Survey are simple multiple choice. We would strongly support #2 and other Park related items including #21.

Santa Fe Canyon Ranch Survey

for the RCA


* Footnote: La Bajada Mesa & Escarpment are on the Most Endangered Places list of The NM Heritage Preservation Alliance 2003. Contains brief history & photos:
( )"

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