Tuesday, October 26, 2010

KSFR, "Living on the Edge": Senator Peter Wirth and Candidate for Governor Diane Denish

Thursday, October 28th from 6pm to 7pm, Living on the Edge will have a special one hour energy forum hosted by David Bacon. Guests will be New Mexico Senator Peter Wirth and candidate for governor Diane Denish. Some areas of interest would be the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division “pit rule,” local oil and gas ordinances and State versus local authority. If you have questions for the guests, you may call in to the show or you can post them on the Drilling Santa Fe blog for the host to “harvest.”

Link to DSF post: http://drillingsantafe.blogspot.com/2010/10/ksfr-living-on-edge-senator-peter-wirth.html


  1. I would like to ask Diane Denish why she promised to meet with constituents in the Aamodt settlement. Through her "policy guy" at the roundhouse we were told that she thinks the settlement is "too good of a deal to pass up" and then refused to meet with representatives of the community. This is the same tactic Richardson took with us. -Paul White

  2. David and Paul -- glad to see you both stirring things up around oil&gas issues. They are major issues up here in Southwestern Colorado as well. We should compare notes for our two states after the election -- maybe on the air somewhere...

  3. Questions for Lt Governor Denish:

    When it comes to “revisiting” the “pit rule,” what does “revisit” mean?

    When it comes to oil and gas issues, in what way is your stance different from Susana Martinez?

    Question for both Senator Wirth and Lt Governor Denish:

    Oil and gas development is similar to other developments. At the local level, local authority tends to focus on land use. Will you support State legislation that seeks to limit local authority over oil and gas issues?