Thursday, October 21, 2010

Denish & Martinez v. the "Pit Rule" & Local Authority

The New Mexico Governor's race between Denish and Martinez has greatly generated concern regarding future assaults on the Oil Conservation Division "Pit Rule" and local oil and gas ordinances. The difference between the two candidates seems to be a matter of degree. It has been opined that Martinez is much more extreme than Denish when promoting the oil and gas industry agenda (e.g., Martinez will undermine private-property protections by Kim Sorvig).

In either case, the "Pit Rule" will likely be "revisited", again, to weaken it or even repeal it, and the regulatory milieu could likely be the State versus local authority. The attacks will be justified by shaky statistics and motivated by fear to avoid State budget shortfalls.

In all, the next Governor and upcoming legislative sessions bear watching.

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