Sunday, April 18, 2010

Santa Fe County Sustainable Land Development Plan Public Hearing

Santa Fe County email:


The Santa Fe County Development Review Committee will hold Public Hearings on the Sustainable Land Development Plan at a Special CDRC Meeting on April 22nd and April 29th at 6:00 PM in the County Commission Chambers located at 102 Grant Ave, Santa Fe.

The SLDP has undergone a Public Review process and several changes to the February 4th Draft have been proposed.

Attached is the proposed revised draft for the first six chapters of the SLDP (see links below or click here (10MB)>>>>). This will be presented to the CDRC on April 22nd. Attached is the CDRC memo which summarizes the changes to each chapter (see links below or click here>>>>). A redline copy with proposed changes will be available on the website prior to the CDRC meeting.

The remaining chapters 7-15 of the SLDP will be presented at the CDRC Public Hearing on April 29th.

Robert Griego

Planning Manager

Santa Fe County


Phone: (505) 986-6215"


Proposed revised draft for the first six chapters of the SLDP (10 MB)>>>>

CDRC memo>>>>


Email response from Ross Lockridge:

"(A)ttached is the DCI section of the new draft SFe County SLDP formatted as a word doc which might make the section more accessible for reviewing and commenting on. The pdf has our highlights & comments, which have changed little because they haven't changed a thing in this section from that first draft handed specifically on DCIs, 3/26/10. Thus they are still tying magnitude of land excavations, alterations, & grading to numbers, ie. quantity and time periods.

The only direct mention of oil/gas via searching these 6 chapters is here, I think:

Policy 4.2: Create of a new class of Overlay Zoning District Classifications required for approval of developments of countywide impact ("DCI") including but not limited to oil and gas drilling, mineral excavation, rock, shale, limestone, gravel and sand quarrying, landfills and major land excavations."


DCI section of the new Santa Fe County SLDP (pdf) (with RL comments)>>>>

DCI section of the new Santa Fe County SLDP (doc)>>>>

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