Friday, April 9, 2010

Follow Up: Santa Fe County Model Mining Ordinance Under Attack

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Santa Fe County Model Mining Ordinance Under Attack

As a follow up, Dr. Freilich emailed the following: "I have deleted the exemptions. The mining ordinance and the grading are very much like the oil and gas and you should be pleased."

Ross Lockridge responded with, "Dr. Freilich, again this is excellent additional news that you are deleting the sand & gravel exemptions. We will make sure to let others know today of your recommendations. We are meeting with Steve Ross on (M)onday at 2 pm and will make sure we are on the same page with this.

Fyi, here is the agenda from Jack if you haven't seen it:

The unresolved issues that we have identified so far would include:
  • Legal framework of growth management;
  • DCI's - Developments of Countywide Impact/especially related to mining;
  • Specific and Area Plan process and appropriate flow charts;
  • Mediation in the Development Review Process;
  • Process for amendments to the SLDP, Area and Specific Plans,
  • and Community Plans.

We plan to send you a few items in the hopes that you might better understand our concerns and be able to help us find alternatives appropriate to the County.


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