Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Santa Fe County Plan (SLDP) Hearing Earth Day--Encl oil/gas/mining

From an email:

SFe County Plan (SLDP) Hearing Earth Day--Encl oil/gas/min

The Plan is directing the future Code (SLDC) to:

Create a new class of Overlay Zoning District Classifications required for approval of developments of countywide impact (DCI) including but not limited to oil and gas drilling, mineral excavation, rock, shale, limestone, gravel and sand quarrying, landfills and major land excavations. --Policy 4.2, Chapter 2.

Strengthen... Don't Weaken!


1) there needs to be a Policy directing that, along with the Oil & Gas Amendment, the Mining Ordinance (Article III, Section 5 of the current Code) will be retained and it's sand and gravel exemption will be deleted.

2) The developments of countywide impact ("DCI") section 2.2.6 in the Plan should avoid specific numbered magnitudes of land excavations, alterations, quantities and time periods. Those should only be placed in the future Code and the Plan should be more concerned with non-numerical generalized definitions and intentions to "protect the health, safety and welfare of the citizens, residents and businesses of Santa Fe County from the harmful or hazardous adverse impacts...."

Some Details:

The DCI section itself ties magnitudes of land excavations, alterations, & grading to specific quantities and time periods. Here an example of what should be removed from the DCI section:

"Substantial Land Alteration removes primarily earth with mineral, ore, rock, sand, gravel, limestone, or bedrock material that occurs over a period of more than 3 months; substantial land alteration can also occur upon removal of more than 1000 cubic yards per acre of earth with minerals, rock, sand, gravel, limestone, or bedrock material, or movement of earth on an entire tract or parcel of land in common ownership in excess of 5,000 cubic yards." Emphasis added.

If this is not removed we would witness loopholes so that an excavation could dodge levels of classification by limiting removal of minerals to slightly less than 3 months, or less than 1000 cubic yards per acre, etc. What's required if below these thresholds? "Minor land alteration should not be regulated as a DCI."

A way to celebrate Earth Day, help insure that the County develops a truly sustainable County Plan, and Code. Once again, attend the hearings.


ps. this is a mailing from the Rural Conservation Alliance "Save La Bajada Mesa" listing, centered in the Cerrillos, Madrid, San Marcos areas of the Galisteo Basin. If you wish to be removed from this list, please request.

Download chapters 1-6 (10MB):

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