Monday, April 28, 2008

"Land Deal Has Us Star Struck Again"

"ORALE SANTA FE: It was pretty interesting to read last week that the Santa Fe County Commission officially cleared the way to buy 65 acres it's been leasing as a business park from the state Land Office. The plan is to allow a movie studio to be built there under the county's jurisdiction.

It's just the latest chapter of the movie industry's love affair with New Mexico— an understandable infatuation, because we live in such a photogenic state. At a press conference last week, county commissioners Mike Anaya, Virginia Vigil and Jack Sullivan handed over a $1.82 million dollar check to state Land Commissioner Patrick Lyons— a nice chunk of change for, yes, you've heard it before, "the children of New Mexico" whose schools benefit from revenue from state trust lands managed by the Land Office (as does the state prison system, by the way, although no one at the Land Office brags too much about all the dough raised for "the felons of our state")."

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