Wednesday, April 16, 2008

"Gold claims draw skepticism"

"Gold claims draw skepticism,"

"An Albuquerque-based mining company has announced plans to mine for gold in the Ortiz Mountains south of Madrid. But a local author who wrote a book about gold mining in the area said the company seems more interested in mining investors than gold....

...Bill Baxter, a San Marcos-area resident who wrote the book The Gold of the Ortiz Mountains, about the history of gold mining in the region, said several of the company's claims raise red flags for him....

...Baxter said he's already been contacted by frantic residents concerned about the proposed development. "If I'm right, this is a tempest in a teapot," he said. "They won't have to worry. This is a stock market event more than it is any kind of gold mine. There is always the chance they may stumble onto King Solomon's mine there, and it's that insanity that makes people who look for gold a little bit crazy."' (full article)

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"A company with offices in Albuquerque has plans to mine for gold and possibly other materials in the Ortiz Mountains southeast of Madrid in Santa Fe County, according to information on the company's Web site.
Although Santa Fe Gold Corporation— formerly Azco Mining— said it intends to "begin mining operations as soon as practicable," it also acknowledges on its Web site that it needs various permits and approvals from federal, state and county governments in order to proceed.
"Gold Mining Proposed"

"In the 1980s, Gold Fields Inc. took thousands of ounces of gold using cyanide at the Cunningham Hill Mine, just north of the two sites— the Carache and Lukas deposits— where Santa Fe Gold wants to mine.
State officials said groundwater pollution persisted at the site, and, in 1996, three mining companies that had purchased the mine from Gold Fields reached a settlement over cleanup.
But Carson said he wasn't worried that his company's proposed mining operations could ignite a firestorm.
"Certainly, we would have concerns (about opposition), and it would be up to us to determine that the mining was environmentally safe and (allay) any concerns people might have," he said.
" Oh, really? What about the regulatory agencies? What about the citizens?
"Gold Mining Planned"

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