Friday, March 11, 2011

Mexico, Canada eye imports of U.S. shale gas

Nathanial Gronewold, E&E reporter

"HOUSTON -- The United States' North American neighbors are considering importing U.S. natural gas to meet their burgeoning electricity needs.

Mexico's chief energy minister said yesterday that his nation is carefully eyeing the U.S. revolution in shale gas production to help fuel Mexico's fast-growing economy.

Mexico's new development of renewable energy resources and fossil-fuel power is not occurring fast enough to meet the growth, the energy minister, José Antonio Meade, told a major energy industry conference here. The U.S. shale gas boom and the potential for exporting U.S. drilling technologies has been a dominant theme at the gathering (Greenwire, March 10).

"Because of the new technology advances in terms of generating shale gas, now this continent is one of the cheapest in terms of using gas for generating electricity," Mede said. "Mexico, I think, is in a good position to take advantage of that."' More>>>>

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