Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NM Supreme Court Orders Records Administrator to Print Rules

New Mexico Environmental Law Center

"SANTA FE, N.M.— The New Mexico Supreme Court sided with environmental groups today when it granted a writ of mandamus to the New Mexico State Records Administrator, compelling her to print the adopted and final greenhouse gas cap and dairy discharge rules. The printing of the rules was halted earlier in the month by Governor Martinez’ Executive Order which suggested the rules were “pending” and therefore subject to a ninety day hold for review.

“This is a tremendous and deserved victory for the administration of justice in New Mexico,” stated Bruce Frederick, staff attorney of the New Mexico Environmental Law Center (NMELC), the nonprofit law firm that brought two suits against the Governor for its clients, New Energy Economy and Amigos Bravos. “The ruling ensures that our regulations will continue to be developed in a public and open process, and be protected from revision through secret, backroom deals.”'
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"State high court hears arguments over Martinez vs. enviro rules
(KSFR) -

Gov. Martinez is getting her her first court challenge today, and KSFR's Marion Cox reports that the courtroom is filled to overcapacity. The state Supreme Court is hearing a lawsuit seeking to reverse the governor's order to put aside recently enacted environmental rules. The New Mexico Environmental Law Center filed the suit, asking the high court to order Martinez to reinstate two environmental rules Martinez put on hold minutes after she took office. One rule would put a three-percent-a-year cap on greenhouse gas emissions from large industrial polluters. The other would institute cap-and-trade requirements on industry as a way of controlling emissions.

Listen to Marion Cox's first report. She says the justices asked a few questions of the environmental lawyers but questioning of Martinez' lawyers has been "withering."

Hearing still underway at 10 a.m." Link to newscast>>>>

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