Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Santa Fe's water consultant said to have altered earlier water study in California


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"Exclusive: KSFR News has learned that the private consultant hired by the Buckman Direct Diversion Project to assess the safety of water from Rio Grande allegedly altered scientific information in a similar study of water done more than a decade ago in California.

The study was about the toxin and carcinogen Chromium-6. The issue comes to light as the environmental advocates named theEnvironmental Working Group release results of a nationwide study of Chromium-6 found in tap water in Albuquerque and other big cities. The story is potentially germane to Santa Fe's water because the private consultant, named ChemRisk, in the earlier water-study allegation has recently given Rio Grande water a clean bill of health for Santa Fe.

Was the carcinogen Chromium-6 found in Albuquerque water during the past year? That's when Albuquerque started dipping into the Rio Grande for its own water supply. Renee Sharp of the Environmental Working Group says that's precisely when her organization took the water samples.

Buckman project chief Rick Carpenter tells KSFR he has just become aware of the allegations but is convinced the work by the ChemRisk consulting group in Santa Fe's case is valid. " To listen online, go to link>>>>.

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