Monday, December 6, 2010

Headwaters Economics: The Economic Benefits of Southern New Mexico’s Natural Assets

From the Headwaters Economics newsletter:

"Conserving one of southern New Mexico’s greatest assets, the region’s enchanting natural areas, is a foundation for economic vibrancy and quality of life. Tourism alone is the state’s second largest industry, bringing more than $5.7 billion to New Mexico annually. A sustained effort to protect wildlife, increase outdoor recreation, and restore watersheds and forests provides direct benefits, including new jobs in local communities..

This report examines how investments in conservation and restoration can provide not only an immediate return through employment and revenue, but also help promote long-term economic growth and development that extends far beyond tourism. In today’s economy, the greatest value of southern New Mexico’s natural amenities and recreation opportunities lies in their ability to attract and retain people, entrepreneurs, their businesses, and the growing number of retirees who locate for quality of life reasons." Newsletter>>>>

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