Tuesday, May 11, 2010

BP, Transocean and Halliburton Take Stance of No Accountability for Massive Oil Spill


by Jonathan Hiskes

"Dodge a trois

A three-way blame game at oil-spill hearing

Here's your 30-second wrap of the first congressional hearing on the BP Gulf oil disaster:

The Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee hauled in executives from BP America, which leased the Deepwater Horizon rig; Transocean, which owned the rig; and America's favorite, Halliburton, which laid cement for the rig.

Executives from the three companies -- shockingly -- blamed each other for the ongoing disaster. BP America's Lamar McKay focused on Transocean's failed blowout preventer. Transocean's Steven Newman talked about the failed Halliburton cement. Halliburton's Tim Probert said a drilling contractor misused a cement plug (it's unclear if he was blaming BP or Transocean, but it definitely wasn't Halliburton's fault!)." More>>>>

And from AP:

"WASHINGTON — The blame game is in full throttle as Congress begins hearings on the massive oil spill threatening sensitive marshes and marine life along the Gulf Coast.

Executives of the three companies involved in the drilling activities that unleashed the environmental crisis are trying to shift responsibility to each other in testimony to be given at separate hearings Tuesday before two Senate committees, even as the cause of the rig explosion and spill has yet to be determined.

Lawmakers are expected to ask oil industry giant BP, which operated the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig 40 miles off the Louisiana coast, why its drilling plans discounted the risk that such a catastrophic pipeline rupture would ever happen, and why it assumed that if a leak did occur, the oil would not pose a major threat." More>>>>

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