Sunday, May 9, 2010

(BP et. al. Oil Spill) Updated daily Situation: Saturday 08 May

(NOAA trajectory map and link for larger version>>>>)


May 8, 2010

"The experimental containment dome was successfully positioned over the leaking riser pipe last night, but then had to be removed after a large volume of ice-like methane hydrate crystals accumulated inside of the structure. These crystal hydrates blocked the flow of oil and threatened to lift the dome off the sea floor. The 4-story containment structure now sits on the seafloor next to the leak while experts consider ways to solve this issue. The emergency relief well progress continues and a second well is planned to start next week. To date over 190,000 feet of boom have been placed, another 1.3 million feet have been staged, approximately 2.1 million gallons of oil and water mix have been recovered, and 290,000 gallons of dispersant have been applied to the spilled oil." More>>>>

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