Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Tea Party Movement Corporate America's very real revolution.

November 8, 10:49 AMPhiladelphia Progressive ExaminerTim McCown


"The Left had better wake up and smell the coffee. This isn't just a faux version of attempting to do the Right Wing version of the 1960's. This is a very real revolution. This revolution aims at nothing less than the final corporate takeover of our entire political system because democracy is tremendously inefficient by corporate business standards. What with its elections that can radically change the direction of this nation politically there always remains the risk that reform will benefit the people and that profits will be curtailed to provide real benefits to everyone."...

..."Over the course of the Reagan Administration through George Bush Juniors presidency Corporate America has worked in partnership with government to completely disenfranchise the American people. It is global capital after all not Left Wing Liberals that has the desire to create a New World economic order. Only a strong democratic American government is big enough to stand in the way of Global Capitals New World and defending its people from this order based on powerful corporations not governments. But to do this you have to sell the Ameican people on the desirability of losing our rights and freedom's for profits for the few."...

..."Think Progress found that AFP ( Americans for Prosperity ) had staffers at designated bus stops passing out signs, handing out talking points and passing out petitions. A number of these staffers like Tim Phillips the presdient of AFP and Ben Marchi, a former Tom DeLay staffer have direct ties to the Republican Party.

Americans for Properity has direct ties to the oil and natural gas industries through the Koch family funding of its operation. But it also has ties to the lobbying arm of the coal Industry Friends of Coal, and the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, whose hired advertising agency was busted for writing phony grass roots letters to various Congress people. Tim Phillips has also had many ties to the Health Insurance Industry as well. He is paid to make sure we get no green jobs, new energy technology or health care that actually benefits us instead of our money lining Insurance companies CEO's pockets.

One wonders how many of the well meaning Tea Party protestors really understand that underneath all the hot revolutionary rhetoric they are being used to support policies that will boost the rich while keeping them poor and powerless, stripping consummer safety protections, allowing the banking industry to do its its own accounting, selling America the idea that mountain top coal removal is clean and beneficial and that only Socialists and Communists could possibly see it other wise." Entire article>>>>

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