Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Santa Fe County Sustainable Land Development Plan (SLDP)

According to the Santa Fe County website regarding the SLDP, "The Sustainable Land Development Plan (SLDP) will replace the existing 1999 Santa Fe County General Plan/Growth Management Plan. New and challenging issues today require Santa Fe County to be proactive about how we grow and shape our communities. The SLDP is a guiding document incorporating local community values, goals and strategies on how to best manage and sustainably utilize the County's limited natural, economic, and cultural resources. The SLDP is a tool that addresses the existing and future needs of communities in Santa Fe County and serves as a guide for smart growth and development for all residents and businesses in the County. The SLDP will serve as the framework for the County’s Sustainable Land Development Code."

The SLDP will need to be approved by the Community Development Review Committee (CDRC) before passing on to the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) for approval.

Nearby upcoming CDRC schedule for the SLDP:
Nov. 5 Deadline for letters to CDRC re: Sustainable Land Development Plan
Nov. 12 CDRC Hearing (time to be confirmed)

Notice that County staff prepares packages a week in advance of CDRC hearings. If you want the CDRC to read your comments regarding the SLDP you will need to email or hand deliver to Paula, the land use secretary by THIS THURSDAY MORNING NOV 5TH.

Put in the SUBJECT something like: Comments For CDRC Members Nov. 12th SLDP hearing

If you miss the packet deadline ( Nov. 5) she will make copies for Jack Kolkmeyer to present at the hearing for the members of the CDRC.

Paula Sanchez, Secretary Land Use
Email: Paula Sanchez <paulasan@co.santa-fe.nm.us>

The snail mailing address is:

Santa Fe County, Att: Paula Sanchez, Secretary Land Use
102 Grant Ave.

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