Sunday, May 18, 2008

Fossil Fuel Free Future

According to, Austin, Texas is the greenest American city. Why? "The politics in Austin, Texas, home base of Whole Foods Market and Lance Armstrong (at least part of the year), have earned it the title of “the blueberry in the bowl of tomato soup.” But the city’s energy portfolio could make it known as the ray of sunshine in the field of oil pumps. If you want to sign up for green power from Austin Energy, possibly the greenest power grid in the country, you can get in line—this year’s demand was unpredictably high, and they’re fresh out. Austin’s growing list of proactive energy maneuvers is, to say the least, striking. Not only does Austin lead the country in wind power and biodiesel production, but it has built advanced plug-in hybrid vehicles into its energy strategy."

Santa Fe did not make the top ten list. In order to have a fossil fuel free future, more resources need to be diverted to programs of alternative energy sources, local green utilities, green building, and permaculture. Posted previously, was about the David Blume book, "Alcohol Can Be A Gas!" and the myriad of sustainable sources of alcohol as fuel. Recent breakthroughs at The University of Texas at Austin, "A newly created microbe produces cellulose that can be turned into ethanol and other biofuels, report scientists from The University of Texas at Austin who say that the microbe could prove a significant portion of the nation's transportation fuel if production can be scaled up.

Along with cellulose, the cyanobacteria developed by Professor R. Malcom Brown Jr. and Dr. David Nobles Jr. secrete glucose and sucrose. These simple sugars are the major sources used to produce ethanol.

'The cyanobacterium is potentially a very inexpensive source fro sugars to use for ethanol and designer fuels.' says Nobles, a research associate in the Section of Molecular Genetics and Microbioloby."

Just think of New Mexico counties, such as Mora County that are proudly protective of their agricultural way of life producing sustainable alternative fuels. Our energy future is right out our back doors. We do not need to destroy every "little pocket" of the United States for the last drops of hydrocarbons. There are better uses of hydrocarbons than as a fuel. The remainder should be conserved.

Common Ground United will be organizing workshops in the near future. Once these events are set up, they will be posted on the website

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