Thursday, July 14, 2011

Exxon exec says doesn’t know Montana spill’s cause

By Molly Born

"WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — An Exxon Mobil executive on Friday told a House committee that the firm had met all regulatory standards even as the company takes full responsibility for an oil spill that dumped an estimated 42,000 gallons of crude into Montana’s Yellowstone River this month."...

..."Tester, a Democrat, appeared before the House pipelines subcommittee to make a statement at the beginning of the hearing and said Exxon needs greater regulation. In this case, Exxon was tasked with regulating itself and now “we’re paying a price for it,” he said.

“Does that sound familiar?” Tester said. “Wall Street had no regulators either and it lead to the collapse of our nation’s economy.”...More>>>>

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