Monday, November 8, 2010

When a Rig Moves In Next Door

There are different conclusions and points of view one could take from the below article. One conclusion is that at the very least, monitoring and investigations of oil and gas drilling and production is generally speaking inefficient.

The New York Times
Published: November 6, 2010

"IN the sparsely populated pastures of De Soto Parish in Louisiana, the ability to extract gas from shale — which can involve a process known as fracking — has been welcomed as an economic windfall. Some residents call it a gift from God.

But 1,400 miles to the north, in Susquehanna County in Pennsylvania, shale gas development has divided neighbors, spurred lawsuits and sown deep mistrust. Along Grove Avenue in Montrose, the county seat, a billboard looms overhead, advertising the services of a personal-injury law firm. “HURT by DRILLING?” it asks. " More>>>>

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