Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Preserving state's hidden gems

Tom Sharpe | The New Mexican
August 2, 2010


"More than 8,000 acres north of Mora, which is described as one of New Mexico's most unchanged areas, has been nominated as a "cultural and agricultural landscape" for the State Register of Cultural Properties.

Malcolm Ebright, who wrote the nomination for the Guadalupita/Coyote Historic District, said the area historically "was kind of an end of the line. ...

"We just have to hope it doesn't get too much recognition," he said. "We want it to be preserved and keep it a secret a little bit."

The Cultural Properties Review Committee is to decide whether to list the district on the state register this month. "...

..."In an interview, Ebright said the listing on the state register would let homeowners in the district get state income-tax breaks for repairs consistent with the local style. "If someone wanted to do a major development or drill for oil and gas or put a cell tower or something, they would have to jump through more hoops," he said." Article>>>>

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