Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Santa Fe County small-group meetings on land development plan


"Santa Fe County officials plan a series of discussions with local residents about the latest draft of the Sustainable Land Development Plan. Those public meetings could begin as early as this week. County Commissioner Kathy Holian says they're designed to get public input before another draft is written. The plan now is about 300 pages, down from the 1,200 pages in the first draft. The oil and gas component of the plan has been omitted from these discussions since it is already completed. To find out about these small-group meetings, contact Melissa Holmes, 995-2717 or msholmes@santafecounty.org, or Planning Manager Robert Griego at 986-6215 or rgriego@santafecounty.org."


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  1. Congratulations on Sante Fe County's Sustainable Land Development Plan initiative.

    As documented in the Sustainable Land Development Today magazine article - Origin of Sustainability Movement Leads to Current Challenges (http://www.nxtbook.com/nxtbooks/sldt/0209/ ), “Overall, the effort to define and achieve sustainability [in local government] has involved a significant amount of consciousness-raising about the trade-offs involved in community decision-making. At its best, it is a process for ensuring that otherwise overlooked perspectives and constituencies are not excluded from decisions. But it remains an ill-defined process in which operational results remain elusive.”

    The SLDI Code™
    In a ground-breaking effort to overcome the problem, Sustainable Land Development International (SLDI) has released the world’s first comprehensive sustainable land development best practices system. Unlike other standards and certification programs, the SLDI Best Practices System helps to structure a triple-bottom-line (people, planet and profit) decision model that helps development projects achieve greater success in each area. We are interested in engaging participation from all stakeholders in the review of this system.

    Your participation and comments are welcome.

    Terry Mock
    Executive Director
    Sustainable Land Development International