Sunday, June 1, 2008

County expects new drilling rules by Februrary

According to the Santa Fe New Mexican,

"As state's six-month ban nears expiration, officials turn to professionals for help drafting new regulations

The unexpected arrival of oil and gas developers in Santa Fe County last summer sparked a spasm of activity. Worried citizens flocked to anti-drilling meetings and formed activist groups. Santa Fe County government officials and staff hurried to evaluate existing mining regulations and consider new ones.

In January, Gov. Bill Richardson issued a six-month ban on drilling in the Galisteo Basin area. Santa Fe County followed with a yearlong moratorium aimed at giving the county time to prepare for the unfamiliar type of development.

Both actions gave the community time to regroup.

Now, as Richardson's six-month ban nears its end, Santa Fe County is beginning a more methodical approach to preparing for hydrocarbon extraction. It has hired a team of land-use attorneys and planners to help write new oil and gas regulations as well as a plan for the Galisteo area, which has been targeted for oil development by the Houston-based drilling company Tecton Energy." more>>>>

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