Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Solar Quest on National Geograhic

From Deb Anderson:

"Split Estate is finished and I'll send you information soon about the latest news, and the launch of our website etc. We've just been selected to be in the Good Pitch at the SILVERDOCS Film Festival in Washington DC in June which will be significant.

Today, however I thought that the oil and gas folks should know about another project. Craig Coffman, another neighbor produced this documentary for National Geographic and I edited it. It is the first job I've had in a while that I wish everyone would see because the information in it is so interesting and important for our future. It is about Concentrated Solar Power - Large power plant sized solar technologies and what is the latest in this field. Really interesting stuff that we should all know but rarely hear about. Thanks for passing this on to all who would be interested. Its first airing is tomorrow."

Link about the National Geographic program>>>>

From link above, "Craig Coffman Productions is proud to announce its latest documentary production: Solar Quest, airing this Thursday, 7pm ET on the National Geographic Channel.

Solar Quest, part of a series exploring the world's biggest green projects, is a 1-hour program about the resurrection of one of the world's most effective - and forgotten - renewable technologies: Concentrated Solar Power (CSP)."

To see a clip from SOLAR QUEST please click here.

CSP Nevada Photo LR.jpgProducer/writer: Craig Coffman

Executive Producer (NG): John Mernit

Director of Photography: Rich Scholtz

Editor: Debra Anderson

Mix: Ron Sunsinger
Associate Producer: Kendra Gahagan

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